Responsibly-Sourced Seafood

At Fjord, we believe there’s a lot more to being in the seafood business than just selling fish. We’re committed to providing the highest quality responsibly-sourced seafood available—and on a mission to change the way people think about and choose their seafood.

Fjord’s responsibly-sourced seafood is fish that has been wild-caught or farm-raised under strict standards and free from antibiotics and other unnatural additives.

We predominantly sell wild-caught seafood and know where each of our wild fish comes from because we work with a small group of established partners who source superior fish. We only carry farm-raised products from countries and partners that follow top protocols for aquaculture practices. Fjord doesn't sell any seafood--particularly shrimp--from Far East regions or developing countries where the current lack of regulatory oversight doesn't match our standards for quality seafood.

Our commitment to responsible-sourcing also extends to transparency. At Fjord, each fish in our case is always labeled with maps and other details so you know exactly what you are buying and eating. And our friendly fishmongers will answer any questions about the fish you may have. Come experience and taste the Fjord difference.